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>Why as a Marine player must I take:
>* Rhinos for every infantry formation EXCEPT scouts?... What if I hate
rhinos (and I do)?! What if I want a Battle Company with Landraiders?
>* And yet I MUST take said landraiders along with ALL standard terminator
>* My only "bike company" as a "special, one chapter, one of a kind" card?
There should NEVER be a reason to print a company card, if you can only take
one in a game... that is where SPECIAL cards come in!

Here I go again:

Another point I'd like to make here. Just because you don't like Rhinos
doesn't mean that you army will never use them. The reason that the SM army
cards have them as standard is that they are the standard transport that is

Here in Oz the army uses the M113 APC. Now I think they are crappy APC's.
So do my friends who are in the army. Now just because they are crappy
doesn't mean that a General can say "I don't like them, so I won't have them
in my force". They are standard issue and is all they get. The same with
the Rhino. They are crappy, but all the Marines get. They get a little
flexibility by being able to buy detachments of Land Raiders or Razorbacks,
but the flat fact of the matter is that you get 'em. Tough. Most army
commanders don't get to pick and choose. They get given the gear and that's
it. They like it or lump it.

Sorry. Its early in the morning. <RANT MODE OFF>


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