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From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 10:44:00 +1100 (EST)

> Fluff doesn't mean anything, play balance should be the
> ultimate guide. Chaos can only have 4 companies, max, as it is,
> they don't need any more restrictions than that. Companies are
> too useful to charge extra for them.
        Like I said it may be a fluke , it may be due to the house rules around
here, but no matter who the commander is chaos tends to do better than other
armies.So if play balance is the criterion at least from our perspective
maybe 4 is too many... The reward (and to a lesser extent the ability to use
chaos cards) is almost certainly the worst part- the Nurgle
and Tzeentch being the worst, the Khorne reward is probably about right
and the Slaanesh is either good or bad depending on who the opponent is....

> > > > Yeah the ravenwings not bad - but not really points efficient (well
> > > > its about as good as marines get with the exception of scout companies).
> > >
> > > It's 400 points for 550 points of bikes/speeders.
> > > THat's not points efficient?
> >
> > Not when the marine bikes (that go towards the 'normal cost') are
> > overpriced to begin with. They cost 50% more than the equivalent ork or IG
> > unit.....I think this is the same sort of problem with eldar bikes/windhosts.
> Uhm... IG bikes have a morale of 4, SM bikes are 2. Since
> you have to make a morale check every time you get in CC if you're
> broken, and bikes aren't good for much else besides CC, that makes
> a huge difference. IG bikes also have an annoying tendancy to rout
> if the chain of command breaks down.
> Besides, the bikes in the Ravenwing are free (400 pts
> for 2 200 pt units of speeders). And I think they're only 33%
> more expensive than IG bikes (150 vs 100), although I'm not
> sure about the IG bike cost.
        Ummmm IG bikes are 33% less than SM wile SM are 50% more than IG -
great to think stores can do this sort of thing to you with ads... :)
        But this means IG bikes outnumber SM 3-2 and the SMs give up 4VP to 3.
If these groups go up against each other (ok always dangerous to use this
sort of example) we're looking at (at the least) one of the SM groups being
broken - maybe both - and probably the IG troop wont be broken - same with
orks and SMs.... . The ravenwing only tends to even it out a bit, as opposed
to being a cheap unit. Also you have to be willing to play dark angels or allow
allies to actually use this unit.Still probably a good example of the
problems with the 50 point min price difference.
> Result: overpriced eldar bike detachments.
        Yup , a fine case of where 25 point increments would be justified. In
buying at the unit level - sure you get a fast army, they just cant afford
to take on their counterparts in CC because of the points/price advantage they
give up.
> Scott
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