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Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 18:53:12 +1100 (EST)

> So just what is in this Chaos army? Also, what house rules do you use? I
> guess the next question would be "what is in the army you normally
> field?".
        Ok house rules that are important - for some reason WS shields stop
when they hit the terrain - theres a battle where this is NOT the case but
there was something about a white dwarf article that mentioned this. I seem
to remember that this was a really dodgy reading of what was said (although
there was some ambiguity). Rather that live with weeks of screaming I gave in.
As to speculative fire - forget it - if something is in forest , even if
you have a spotter (flyer) you cant barrage it (kind of goes against what was
said in WD but the argument is 'youre shooting dirt' so what stops you shooting
the dirt next to a command unit, etc - hey i tried to argue against this,
claiming that you were sort of targetting the unit being hit as opposed
to the dirt but........). Oh yeah teleporting stuff goes through WS shields (ie
warp missiles, shokk guns) (WS's are reeeel a:popular (sure) b: persecuted -
doesnt help if youre the only one playing eldar i guess...) - so much for them
blocking LOS , etc. Skimmers cant land on imassible terrain (but at least in
the case of non-tempests they cant be shot at in CC - phew a break ! :) ).
Up until now Thawks came in as necessary during the owner's movement phase
(thank god for finding that ruling). Also we have one or 2 players that seem to
 believe during movement, units can move in perfectly straight lines ,
perpendicular to say a snap fire unit - 'damn you can only shoot the end one' -
thats still being argued about. We also play with weirdboys firing first turn
(but not when on charge orders, they also make rolls to blow up at the
start of the game - if necessary, and psychic power is split between multiple
WB's (ie no multiplying the power by multiplying the WB's). Oh yeah usually
no battlegroups - and almost always no titan objectives&disclosure of army
composition is not required nor is detaails of which units belong to which
companies etc (Now thats what I have a big problem with, most members who
support this conveniently ignore unit markings etc, and this can make it a real
prick to figure out just what you need to shoot in order to break a given
unit - and this tends to favour the more homogeneous armies..). Hey some of the
rules make sense, some are for game balance, some seem to be just because a
certain portion of the group didnt like units - go figure ......phew.......

        Chaos army typically consists of Magnus (always) Mortarion (usually)
often a bloodthirster(sometimes angron against orcs) and rarely a Lord of Change
or Fulgrim. As to minions - always the 1000 Suns, usually the Death Guard
 and sometimes a third legion. Hey its not all of them but most games tend
to be between 2500 - 4000 points (3k would be the most common) so theyre
a fair chunk (ie its basically a chaos marine army). There will usually be
between 2-4 tarantula batteries, 2-4 units which are a varying combination
of trolls and minotaurs,a few units of rhinos(usually) and a bunch of Thawks.
Rarely (especially in larger games) an occasional unit of termies,land raiders
or the smaller Tzeentch flyer (doom wings?) will turn up,occasionally with a
titan if theres a guarantee no BGs will be opposing). Thats pretty much it.
The basic tactic is to use the few bigger guns to take out snap fire units
(in conjunction with empty t-hawks) , use trolls and minotaurs mainly to sit
on objectives, and judicious use of marines+vehicles to break units (often
targetting stuff like titans and SHVs) using up cards when necessary,and often
trying to use the nurgle and tzeetch rewards at hv infantry units (read exarchs,
 aspect warriors,etc) and titans respectively. The basic plan being at the end
of a turn (usually 2-3) to have broken enough units and being (very temporarily
in some cases) in control of just enough objectives to win - long and big games
are the ones that he usually loses.....And except for tarantulas/titans
 everything spends almost all of its life in as much cover as possible.
Thats it - so simple I wonder why it works so well..

        As an eldar player I'll usually take 1 wind host, often a battle
group when a:accepted b:playing a game over 3000pts,1-2 wave serpents,1-3
fire storms often a doomweaver,sometimes falcon or guardian hosts (rarely
as a war host so as to get more special cards......). A mix of aspect warriors
and wraith guard are common (swooping hawks and dark reapers being the ones
least often taken scorpions, banshees and dire avengers being the most regular)
. Spirit hosts turn up sometimes when i dont think there
will be many thawks or snap fire opposition. Tempests are rare (got sick of
titans,Magnus,thawks and weirdboys nailing them). Usually the special cards
will go in scouts,warlocks or harlequins sometimes exarchs and (very rarely)
a warlock titan.Death Stalkers sometimes turn up against chaos,Warp Hunters
when I remember I paid for the models and want to use them (hey theyre only
100 pts) and Nightwings when I can afford them.Vibro cannons are pretty regular
too.Theres not many units that never turn up - knights las cannon and war
 walkers mainly. Maybe not concentrating
on the really good stuff is my problem.....Suggestions appreciated but I like
some variety (although there are a few AMEX (dont leave home without..) units).

> those two armies is overly powerful. It just seems rather unusual to me
> that this one army would do so well in your group.
        I have a feeling that the house rules help a lot (the chaos player
yells loudly :) ) and I think they dont have many glaring weaknesses.As we
typically play no allies any army which is missing some class of unit is
typically vulnerable somewhere.......
> Chad Taylor
                                                        J Chapman
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