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> Excerpts from Epic: 28-Aug-97 Re: [Epic] Tyranids vs Tyra.. by Oki
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> > Also, some recent fluff mentioned that hormogaunts do breed separately from
> > other Tyranid creatures.
> Never heard that, or at least I don't remember reading it. White Dwarf
> 188 (Codex: Tyrandis issue) doesn't have anything to say on the subject,
> but then this was before WD just started reprinting the Codex.

Hive War p. 55
"...Hormagaunts are also unusual because they appear to reproduse
independently of the Dominatrix. They lay hundreds of eggs just below the
surface of a planet before their short life span is over,...."
> >From some other fluff, it was hinted that
> > Dominatrices are the brood mother of the Tyranids creatures - termagaunts,
> > lictors and so on.
> Haven't heard that, either. Are you sure you're not thinking of the
> Hiveships in Space Fleet?

Hive WAr p. 49
"Divination and intensive investigation have revealed that the Dominatrix
is the brood-mother of the swarm she leads. The Dominatrix absorbs genetic
material and changes its DNA strands within herself in a manner not fully
understood. After a period of gestation she lays eggs that quickly hatch
out into more of the monsters thatmake up her swaarm."

> "Within the twisting, fleshy corridors of the Hiveship lurk massive
> armies of Genestealers, Tyranid warriors and worse. At the very heart
> of each Hiveship is the throne chamber of the Norn Queen, without whose
> guidance the whole fleet would founder, wither and perish. The Norn
> Queen's own marking appear on all her Tyranid warriors, bio-constructs
> and the vessels in her fleet. Teh bigger Tyranid fleets may display the
> markings of several Norn Queens." (WD 146, p.21)
> >However hormogaunts seem to be able to breed by
> > themselves (ala Aliens ?). In some cases when a Tyranid force was beaten
> > off, surviving Hormogaunts are able to breed by themselves, laying eggs (?)
> > underground, and later emerging. The funny thing is that it has been
> > documented (in the fluff at least) that these Hormogaunts basically killed
> > all other life forms on the planet and later turned upon one another. Pretty
> > much like an Alien spin-off story done by the Dark Horse comics.
> Funky. Do you recall where? I'd love to get the reference....

NMost of it comes from Hive War page 55.

> > Besides those two documented case, it is not quite unforeseenable to see
> > Genestealers breaking free of Tyranid Hive Mind.
> Well, the Imperium didn't even connect Genestealers with the Hive Mind
> until it found 'em in the Fleets, and also got some record of how the GS
> Cults undermined a planet's defenses when a Hive Fleet showed up. All
> in all, I don't think GS Cults are connected to the Hive Mind in the
> least unless there is a Hive Fleet in system....
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