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From: Brett Hollindale <agro_at_...>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 1997 14:56:40 +0200 (MET DST)

At 02:10 PM 29/8/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Mark A Shieh wrote:
>> Andy Skinner <askinner_at_...> writes:
>> > Speaking of controversy, it occurred to me that I never really
>> > understood all the people leaving after Epic 40K came out. I
>> > kinda miss some of those folks, and recently saw someone make
>> > a wistful post about this list on the Full Thrust list. I'm
>> > glad Agro and Sauron1 are still here, with the occasional 2nd ed
>> > comment, though if I remember correctly they were relatively
>> > recent to the list before Epic 40K.
>> Hey, Scott Shupe and David Lado and us CMU types are still
>> here (aren't you so happy? :). I think the most common complaint was
>> that the list had just gotten an influx of new members that liked to
>> argue more than the older members liked. It was a trend that would
>> have broken the list down into cheezy rules squabbling and GW flaming
>> if it had continued. (See the other GW lists)
>> There was also this very annoying habit of some people (The
>> Ogre or something close was one of them) who would answer the rules
>> questions posted with one word answers.
>Oh, yeah, there are plenty of us from before the change, and glad
>I am. I was just mentioning the ones that still play 2nd edition,
>but stayed on the list. We didn't change this to an Epic40K only list
>(it is still called the space-marine list, after all), so it is a shame
>that we lost so many.

I think that the reason so many folks dropped off is that this HAS become a
defacto E40k list...

It may be CALLED the Space Marine list, but check the message traffic and
draw your own conclusions.

Still, there's a goodly number of posts that cross the SM-TL/E40K boundries
- stuff like modeling terrain, painting figures, some strategy discussions.
It's true that I'm not interested in the problems with E40K, but I figured
it was worth sticking with the list for the positives, and I make damn sure
that anyone who wants a SM/TL question answered gets an answer!

As always

>I think I remember the guy you mentioned. I think he is the one I
>was wondering whether he was really Julian ("cast your minis into the
>warp" GW employee) with a different account.
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