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>>Ah yes.
>>When Space Marine first came out myself and a few friends fought some
>>massive battles recreating part of the attack on the imperial palace by
>>Horus. It is still the best battle I have ever played. Land Raiders racing
>>from cover to cover, waiting until you got the 'First Player' chit before
>>you attacked. Titans every where. Assault troops raining from the sky. And
>>the drop ship which was shaped like a wedge which was essentially
>>uncontrolable but ploughed through buildings before coming to a stop. I
>>still love this period of 40k history.
>Seriously, my friend who owns a store got himself a copy of Adaptus
>Titanicus. I think there are either 6 or 8 warlord titans in the box. To
>have that many today would cost you $3-400 canadian.

I don't suppose he'd be tempted to depart with the rules would he? We
dinosaurs who still play "you know which" edition could make use of it...

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