Re: [Epic] Warlock Titan weapons

From: Philip Charlton <philipc_at_...>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 13:37:18 +1100 (EST)

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> > Hmmm, well I've read the rules very carefully and I'm not sure that it does
> > do d6 hits (see my other message). It says you need to "roll 2+ to hit"
> > (that's ONE hit, therefore ONE void shield down) then
> > the model "must make d6 armour saves" or something like that - it doesn't
> > say you get d6 "hits".
> >
> >
> PLEASE GOD LET'S NOT START THIS AGAIN!!!! This raged across the list
> wasting bandwidth a year ago; I believe AC or JJ said that it is indeed
> d6 hits. Check with Allen's Q&As.

Ok, sorry :) But in rules disagreements my philosophy is to try and
figure out what the *exact* rule is ie. strict wording, but if that makes
no sense *then* apply a house rule, and usually go for a conservative
(that is, less powerful) interpretation. So as I read it, by the "strict"
reading of the rules, pulsars "hit" only once. I'll drop this discussion
now, since it's clear what the majority think, and I'm happy to go by that.
Baaaah. Baaaah. :)

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