Re: [Epic] Pulsar, vortex, misc. questions

From: Philip Charlton <philipc_at_...>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 13:45:53 +1100 (EST)

> > No, I meant: does it knock down UP TO d6 void shields, with the remaining shots
> > (if any) worked out against the models armour.
> And the answer to that question is yes. Well the rules might be written
> so that this is arguable (long time since ive read them) but Ive never seen it
> played any other way (even when watching demo games in the city stores...)

That's fine, I just wanted to find out how most people interpret the rule.

> > Of course! But what's the answer? Or mor to the point, how do most
> > people do it? The reason I ask is because it seems straightforward
> > to me: vortex templates do d6 hits, no armour save allowed. It says nothing
> > about any *special* rules for void shields, so I would assume that the "hits"
> > are treated exactly as ordinary hits - each one knocks down a void shield,
> > when all the shields are gone, excess hits are resolved on the model but
> > with no armour save.
> Thats how you would expect it to work going by the printed rules isnt
> it. This is one of those cases where you need to decide whether you want
> to use the Q&A or not. For example where in Renegades does it say chaos can
> use space marine gear (other than for the stuff which they printed cards for)?
> However we have a WD ruling which says they can (look ! more people wholl want
> to buy our models ! :) ). Basically rulings seem to be whatever someone at GW

The difference is that a WD ruling is "official". While I believe that the
Q&A on the Web page really are the opinions of JJ&AC, they are not official,
mainly because not everyone has access to them. They are frequently *wrong*
too, that is, they contradict the written rules.

> Well it says exacly like a vortex missile , the vortex missile scatters
> therefore the reward should scatter/ Sound fair?

Sounds perfectly fair - as I said, I'm mainly after peoples opinions on
(a) what the rules really say, and
(b) if they are unclear, what rule should be used.

> hope youre happier with these replies

Delirious! :)

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