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Date: Tue, 04 Feb 1997 12:43:25 +1000 (EST)

>What happen when void shields are hit by a vortex template? Do they all go
>down, or does the model take d6 hits, which knock down up to d6 void shields,
>and then the remaining hits are resolved on the model as usual ie. no armour

I am positive that it says in the rules that it knocks the shields down and
then does D6 hits on the Titan. It may have been missed out or I am just
thinking I saw something that isn't there, but later in the Ork and Squats
Warlords book under the Mekboy Gargant it states that the Vortex knocks the
Kustom Force Filed down like Void Shields, but once the Gargant is out of
the Vortex, the Fields springs back up (if it managed to live that long). So
if the Mekboy Almost-Impenetrable-Kustom-Force-Field is knocked down
automatically, why not the Void shields? It sounds harsh, but that's what
the Vortex Missile is all about anyway. It can scatter (there's a bloody
good chance of this too) and it has to cover a good portion of the
Titan-in-Question to harm it anyway, so I really don't think it IS too harsh.

>(I'm aware of the Q&A on this, but knocking down all shields seems harsh, and
>not remotely justified by the rules)
>Should the Vortex template produced by the 1000 Sons scatter?

Yep. Rules say that it behaves just like a Vortex Missile. Vortex Missiles
scatter, so the 1000 sons one does too. I always thought this was very simple.


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