[Epic] [ESM/TL]Shokk Attack

From: Andrea Langhi <a.langhi_at_...>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 13:25:37 +0000

Greetings fellows,

I was wondering about on of the most terrible weapons in the Ork
arsenal: the Shokk attack detatchment. How many times does the
detachment shoot? 4 as the nomber of bases or just one, being a
powerful shot??

Also, I a single stand of my Mole Mortar battery is hit by a Shokk
attack, does the whole battery loose his Fire phase 'cause it is pinned in H2H?

Again: if my Super Heavy machine is hit and survives, does it has the
Fire fase or is it lost due to the H2H?

Ok, no more. Thanx

-Andrea Langhi
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