Re: [Epic] [ESM/TL]Shokk Attack

From: Richard Bright <r.bright_at_...>
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 07:33:00 +1200

At 01:25 PM 9/16/97 +0000, Andrea Langhi wrote:
>If my Super Heavy machine is hit and survives, does it has the
>Fire fase or is it lost due to the H2H?

We play a house rule that if the unit hit by a shokk attack gun can win the
CC without throwing dice, it remains unaffected and can continue to shoot
in the FF phase. eg if the warped snotlings have a CAF of 5, termies with a
CAF of 6 will win the CC automatically and proceed to fight normally in the
FF phase. If the snotlings CAF was 8, the termies need to throw dice to
avoid losing the CC and thus can't fire in the FF phase. This was designed
to stop a couple of crazed snotlings screwing things up for a Warlord!

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