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Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 22:55:35 +0200 (MET DST)

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>Mike Bowen wrote:
>> On Fri, 10 Oct 1997, J. Michael Looney wrote:
>> > <semi-rant>Epic DOES stand alone. You can play epic with out EVER
looking at a
>> > WH40K product if you feel that way. The Epic game SYSTEM has ZERO in
common with
>> > the Warhammer 40K game SYSTEM.
>> > </semi-rant>
>> well, they both use the D6 for providing random numbers ;-)
>Ok, not ZERO then. "If not Epsilon then damn close"
>> >
>> > I have found that games designed around AFV can add dis-mounted
infantry into the
>> > mix easier than games designed around grunts can add in tanks, just for
what it is
>> > worth, so in this case this is NOT a general slam on GW's game design
folk. (not
>> > that _I_ would _ever_ do that....)
>> yes better game designers than GW have failed at this.
>YEah, look at AH's Squad Leader, (not ASL, the "real" version)
>> I can see having only 1 just because most of the guys I play E40k
>> with, 80% played WH40k first. Most of the SM/TL guys were too
>> pissed off with GW(the E40k rules) to want to play. they liked

Just an aside, but this is certainly a fact as far as everyone in my gaming
club is concerned...

>> SM as it was. So, the new epic players assume 1 termie stand per LR,
>> just like in WH40k. play with the background your group knows best.
>Well, yeah, maybe. The nice thing about E40K (and for that matter SM-1) is
that you
>could design forces that let you do that LEGALLY. In SM-2, well I happen
to have a
>"Space Marine Terminator Company" card in front of me.
>7 Land Raiders, one of which is a cheeze ball, 13 termies, 1 of which is
cheeze wizz.
><bad german accent>
></bad german accent>

That's pretty much a fact of the 40K universe and part of what gives (I
won't use the past tense "gave" 'cause the game is only past tense when I'm
ready to make it so, not when the almighty you-know-who tells me so!!!) the
game its flavour.

These guys use tech preists to start their titans using the "Litany of
Ignition" and if "The Codex" tells them that this is the right way to field
Terminators then it is the ONLY way to field Terminators...

"The Codex" (which doesn't exist in physical form - it's only part of the
fluff) even specifies the colours that stuff should be painted and how to
mix black white green and red to form "codex grey" and "battle green" and a
host of others...

SM/TL isn't just a wargame - it's got much more than that or it wouldn't
have its appeal (for me anyway)...


>And people accuse me of "blindly following GW" because I happen to like the
E40K rules
>better than SM-2.....
>I don't like the 2nd Ed commander rules or the idea of company cards. Does
this show?
>> Taking 2 termies per LR rates a lowly 1.5 out of 10 on the cheeze scale.
>> loading up on too much IG arty or deathstikes, though, is another story
>A 1.5 on the cheeze scale??? Hell, Land Raiders them self rate higher
than that!! :-)
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