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Since I started this discussion, I thought it was time to wade back in to

Personally I think a chapter would have access to 4 T'hawks. This is the
minimum required to transport an entire company.

I believe that we are getting carried away when we talk about these issues.
After all, a full strength chapter only numbers a thousand men. That is not
a lot. Even if the entire chapter was involved in a military action, the
majority of the force would be moved to the planet using conventional

A rapid deployment force (probably a battle company) may be required but as
I said, it is unlikely to be a large force.

As far as I am aware the current doctrine regarding paratroops (t'hawk
drops) is that a small force moves in rapidly and holds until a larger
force can support.

So, a chapter will probably have the resources to move one company rapidly
(without having to resort to drop pods) and would need 4 T'hawks to do it.
A 5th T'hawk may be available to the force commander to act as a mobile
command post.

When I first started thinking about an entire chapter, I quickly came to
the conclussion that equipment is not as numerous as one may think, 20-30
Land Raiders, 10-20 Predators, etc.

Thoughts anyone ????

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