Re: [Epic] T'hawks.

From: Per Andersson <panther_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 18:18:08 +0100

Praise the Emperor!

Chris Pinson wrote:


> A rapid deployment force (probably a battle company) may be required but as
> I said, it is unlikely to be a large force.

Given the fact that the Space-Marines main role is as rapid deployment
troops, and the fact that the Chapter very well may be supporting
several fronts, I'd say that enough T-hawks to move two companies (plus
staff, thus ten T-hawks) ought to be the minimum. This way they can
either make two separate, company-sized (and a Marine comapny is a quite
potent force) drops or concentrate their forces for one, rather big,

> When I first started thinking about an entire chapter, I quickly came to
> the conclussion that equipment is not as numerous as one may think, 20-30
> Land Raiders, 10-20 Predators, etc.

True. A Marine Chapter is about as big as a small brigade.

Per Andersson
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