Re: [Epic] Epic 40k _at_$%!

From: Philip Charlton <philipc_at_...>
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 14:33:28 +1100 (EST)

> 1-The rules could be thought out by Einstein and literally be the best
> thing ever created, but they changed the stands and for that it could
> rot in hell because I (and anybody with a decent size collection-and
> thats probably everyone) will not rebase everything to conform with the
> change. Those who said or even remotely think that present stands will
> be compatible are to be called naive at best, since they are being
> changed to make more money from us why should they be
> compatible-customer loyalty-BAH!!!

I thought this would be a problem at first, but really, who cares how the
figures are based? I doubt think it will make any difference to the game.
I wouldn't bother playing with someone who insisted that figures be on the
new bases. That might be a problem in GW-sponsored tournaments I suppose, but
I never have and never will play in one. The scale of the new figures is more
of a problem. I'm also annoyed that it's not possible to buy a copy of the
rules only, without the useless figs and scenery. But that's what photocopiers
are for, he he.

> 2-The name says it all-Epic 40k-HEEELLO CHEEEESE. they will give us
> 40k's point system probably unit organization and of course the tiny HQ
> stand with the power of life and death over the hole army-PLEEASE!

Yes, this may be a serious problem. But let's not pretend that Epic is
totally free from cheese now. And I for one don't like the trend Titan Legions
set with ridiculously enormous vehicles like the imperator and mega-gargant.

> 3-Two Words-Net Epic.I have run many tournaments,ran a gaming club for
> mainly GW games- I know epic rules and interpretation like the back of
> my hand and to be honest came up with better answers to rules problems
> than the so called promarchs who:
> A- They never playtest anything then complain to the gaming community
> for not having the RIGHT ATTITUDE. Well excuse me for thinking that good
> games design is SUPPOSED to take in account possible abuses and
> therefore be made to at least minimize them. Thats how come they never
> contradict themselves(heavy sarcasm).

> B They answer question without so much as reviewing past articles to

Totally agree here! The existing SM/TL rules have holes you could drive a
truck through. I'm thinking of switching to Dirtside II - cheap, generic,
realistic, and by all accounts a good game.

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