[Epic] Epic 40k _at_$%!

From: Peter Ramos <pramos1_at_...>
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 1997 20:09:31 +0000


> >>The new game is Epic 40,000. It truly is what the original Epic was
> >>intended - a way to fight huge 40k battles with going thru all the expense
> >>& fiddly-bits of a real huge 40k game.

If you were ver amazed by how many people play 40K, dont be. I have been
around them a very long time(thats how I got started with epic) and
quite frankly 40k is a game with poor rules formulation, thought, andf
extra on the cheese. I actually played it a couple of times and won,
just because I knew what the cheese of the day combo was.

For those who played role playing games and remember all those power
gamers and monty haulers-guess what they all play now! 40k of course.

Quite frankly There are several reasons I dont give a rats ass when,
what or why epic 40k is out:

1-The rules could be thought out by Einstein and literally be the best
thing ever created, but they changed the stands and for that it could
rot in hell because I (and anybody with a decent size collection-and
thats probably everyone) will not rebase everything to conform with the
change. Those who said or even remotely think that present stands will
be compatible are to be called naive at best, since they are being
changed to make more money from us why should they be
compatible-customer loyalty-BAH!!!

2-The name says it all-Epic 40k-HEEELLO CHEEEESE. they will give us
40k's point system probably unit organization and of course the tiny HQ
stand with the power of life and death over the hole army-PLEEASE!

3-Two Words-Net Epic.I have run many tournaments,ran a gaming club for
mainly GW games- I know epic rules and interpretation like the back of
my hand and to be honest came up with better answers to rules problems
than the so called promarchs who:

        A- They never playtest anything then complain to the gaming community
for not having the RIGHT ATTITUDE. Well excuse me for thinking that good
games design is SUPPOSED to take in account possible abuses and
therefore be made to at least minimize them. Thats how come they never
contradict themselves(heavy sarcasm).

        B They answer question without so much as reviewing past articles to

Well gentlemen as far as I see it hold your breath as you may your in
for big disappointment.

O yea there was a previous post mentioning squats were history- will Mr
Aaron Teske please respond to this heinous allegation.

United we stand!
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