[Epic] Psyic Blast Question

From: A J Gallie <gallie_at_...>
Date: Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 1970

Firstly greetings all, My names Alun and I'm a 27 year old Information Tech. Student ( returning to study after 10 years gallivanting around the world in the Navy) from Adelaide, Sth Australian.
I have a Goff Ork warband that seems to spend most of its time being used for target practice by Chris Pinson's Land Raiders ( I hate Land Raiders !!!).
Anyhow a question a day or so ago about using psy blasts against aircraft got me thinking and I have a question myself.

But first IMHO yes you can use a psy blast against an aircraft, as you can use it at anytime and an aircraft is definitely an enemy unit. As to results I believe as the Psy Blast card specifies " a hit" then it is treated as any hit on an aircraft is. I.e. it is driven off and rolls against its armor to see if it is destroyed outright.

Now my question, when it says a psy blast can be negated by playing a psy blast with a higher number if you have a psyker, does this mean
a) you have a psyker any where in your army ( inc. reserves)
b) you have a psyker currently on the table
c) you have a psyker in the same detachment as the target of the first psy blast belongs to.
d) Or you have a psyker within 30cm ( which seems to be the designated range of psykers abilitys ) of the target of the psy blast.

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