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>An intersting point regarding vehicle crews. Where do they come from ???
>I have been reliably informed that marines from one (or more of the
>companies) crew the vehicles. The problem with this is that you would need
>upward of 250 marines to do this.
>Consider ..
>Land Raiders : 1 Driver and 2 gunners
>Predators, Vindicators, RazorBacks and Whirlwinds : 1 Driver and 1 Gunner
>Rhinos : 1 Driver
>Now consider a chapter with 20 Raiders, 20 Razorbacks, 10 predators,
>Whirlwinds and Vindicators plus 80 rhinos.
>This means you need 280 crew for these vehicles (of which there aren't that
>Not Good.
>Now then, under RT, crews had autosystems which were basically autopilots.
>The problem I have with this follows. If the systems were really good then
>the imperium wouldn't need to commit it's valuable marines to battle, they
>could use robots with bolters and autosystems. Therefore the systems must
>be worse than humans. If they are worse than humans then they are not going
>to be used by the marines, who always use the best.
>This leads me to the conclussion.. whilst there are 1000 infantry marines,
>there is also 200-300 other marines (which may not quite meet the grade)
>who crew the vehicles.
>Any thoughts ???

Isn't there some fluff describing vehicle crews as lobotomised conscripts
with computer chips installed to allow them the motor skills required?


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