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From: Simone Ristori <ristori_at_...>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 09:47:50 +0200 (MET DST)

On Wed, 22 Oct 1997, Neil R. Thomason wrote:

> >>>how do the lesser deamons look?
> >Are they the same size as Space Marines?
> As you probably know, plastic miniatures are sculpted 3 times the final
> size, then scaled down for production. I saw the masters, so I couldn't
> really say what size they'll be. I guess the relationship between the size
> of Lesser Daemons and Marines will be the same in EPIC as it is in 28 mm
> scale. I doubt the Daemons will be as big as the 'older' ones. In fact,
> since they're plastic, I guess they'll be on the new Chaos sprue, to be used
> 5 to a base, like normal troops. Incidentally, the WH / WH40K Lord of
> Change is due out in the next couple of weeks in the UK. No idea when EPIC
> Chaos can be expected.
> The details I passed on last week about upcoming releases referred only to
> boxed sets and books;

Can you passed me the releases to boxed sets aand books?
I'm in the mailing list too late to know about it.
I' m italian and i don't know what kind of miniatures are relased.
I'd like to knows aa site when i can see the new miniatures.

 I have no release dates for blisters. So whilst no

> mention was made of EPIC Imperial Guard other than the infantry sprues,
> released in early January, I can only presume the associated vehicle
> blisters will be out around the same time.
> All this talk of new Titans makes me wonder why none were on show at Games
> Day. Anyone know whether they've been designed yet?
> Cheers,
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