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Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 10:12:03 +1000 (EST)

>I was scanning my messages one day and noticed a subject that said:
>Cheese-NOT! Well this was intriguing so I read the message rather more
>closely than the other messages I got. The person who sent it basically
>said that Cheese doesn't exist in 40K. Cheese was only a term used by
>people when they can't beat a particular army. Funnily enough the only 40K
>armies he played were Space Puppies and Space Elves. However hard I tried
>to convince him that my calling an army cheesy wasn't because I couldn't
>beat it but rather that I found the rules to be unfair and unbalancing, he
>still stood his ground.

Of course cheese dosen't exist for him. He creates unfair armies, wins games
and for him that's fine. Gotta love 40K for good breeding. 8-)

>Cheese does exist, but is more in the way the army
>is chosen rather than the list itself (although the list CAN have unfair
>rules). I play 40K as I think it isn't a BAD system overall, but the way
>some people play it makes it bad. They exploit the rules ambiguities and
>that just makes life a real drag for all.

Ain't that the truth. Oh but I still think it's a bad system.

> Warzone is taking over for me at
>the moment though.


>Well, just a point here that no one I've seen make. Jervis and Andy assured
>us that our MINIATURES would still be fully compatible. Never on this list
>have I seen any assurances that the way our minis are based would still be
>compatible. So my reasoning is that while they may say our minis themselves
>are compatible, they want us to go and re-base them. "We said the miniatures
>were O.K., but we never said the way they were based would be!" is what I
>think will happen.

Now that would really suck.

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