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From: James Butler <jwb47_at_...>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 19:08:57 +1300

Jon Nielsen wrote:

> On Squats:
> Earlier this year I heard that GW was planing a Codex: Squats
> for WH 40.000, thereby re-introduceing them with a bang.
> Maby they decide not to, but I wonder if they won't pick
> op the idea when they run out of options.
> As far as I'm informed and can imagine, they are only missing
> Codex: Assassins and Codex: Inperial Agents (maby they will be
> in one book) plus the new Codex: Dark Eldar, a well kept secret.
> If they do relase the little guys again, they are sure to follow in Epic
> as are the Dark Eldar.
> Keep on get'in shorter lads!
> Jon "The Psyker" Nielsen
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> This is Lameth, The Dark Messiah, signing off
> A: Why don't blondes become Battle Sisters (WH 40K)?
> Q: They drop their weapons when told to blow the enemy!
> *<(:-|))## (sorry, can't help the christmas-mood)

  GW have had WH 40k Squat codex ideas for a long time (see Codex Angels of
Death Allies List) and had been developing minatures but nothing else was
said about it after the re-modeling of Epic.

>From An undead Squat
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