Re: RE[Epic] Bullock Jetbikes, Who says No

From: Neil R. Thomason <n.thomason_at_...>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 16:52:15 GMT

>Thanks for all the thoughts on Dark Reapers 3 to a stand.

An advantage of using the old bases is that the spare holes can be painted
as craters. They can be on the new bases, of course, but I think they look
a bit contrived.

>Any ideas on painting them black?

Undercoat black. White face, m.launcher tip, 'loincloth' segments and
studs. Dark blue highlight for armour plates, dark brown for undersuit (if
you can be bothered). Red gems and m.launcher tip. Bone areas: well, bone
colour! I think that's everything.


>Don't be too hasty... I think GW are releasing a new [WH40K Land Raider] soon.

No sign of it yet, unless it's top secret.




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