Re: [Epic] LOB Psychic save

From: Tony Christney <acc_at_...>
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 02:20:52 -0800

>> I just had a Quick question and I thought matbe someone out there
>> has come across an answer. The Lord of Battles normally has a psychic
>> save of 3+. Does this go to 2+ when chaos is winning or do the Khornate
>> bonuses only apply to armour saves?
>> Brian
>The answer to your question Brain is no the bonus is regarding to hit
>rools and close combat nothing else.
>United we stand!

Actually, I believe that the rules in Renegades state that the +1 applies
to to hit rolls, saving throws and adds an extra D6 in CC. So I would say
that the psychic saving throw goes to an effective 2+.

Tony Christney
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