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> Excerpts from Epic: 4-Feb-97 Re: [Epic] cheese by John A Chapman_at_...
> > by far the best eldar titan weapon . On that note who regularly uses a:eldar
> > titans without at least one pulsar and who uses the wing rocket launches as
> > opposed to the lasers (always thought 4BP with no save mod sucked).
> I use wing rocket launchers quite often! About half the time, in
> fact. I also have a double Tremor-Cannon Titan that has no Pulsars on
> it.
> 1) You have to order from GWUK in order to field a cheesy titan with 2
> Turbo Laser Destructor wings.
        -Not if youve bought enough titans to field a BG....The first Titan
I bought actually came with 2 TL wings (dont ask me how it happened - it
was in the days of titans in blisters). So Basically between 3 titans Ive
got 4 TLs without having to order from GW........
        Youre evidently one of GWs favorites - ie you seem to play WYSIWYG.
Dont play WYSIWYG and you dont have a problem. Second problem is what
happens if you want to vary your armaments depending on your opponent? Do
you a:refuse to do this b:pull weapons off your titans and change them
(considering the effort required to continully repaint the titan this is a
baaad joke) c:own heaps of titans all armed differently (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)?

> 2) It's cheesy. In return, I expect not to see things such as Plasma
> Destructor/3 one-shot missiles Titans or multiple T-hawks across the
> field from me.
        Yeah its probably cheesy but theres a few problems. Especially with
the wings there isnt exactly a lot of choice - and the choice is between
something which is decent (ie the TL) and something which sucks miserably
(the rockets - give them a -2 save mod so they can actually take down
buildings or 5BP so they can hit something and theyd be worth taking.At the
moment the 1 redeeming feature is 100cm range)
        With the main weapons one again we have the problem of a massive
difference in quality. The pulsar is good - possibly too good. Most of the
other weapons just plain suck - even BEFORE theyre compared to the pulsar.
The psychic lance is ok on a Warlock titan but only average on a Phantom (ie
only 2/3s as good) and still has range problems and its effectiveness against
titans is limited depending on how you view the effects of void shields on
its attack.Also not being able to use the template to shoot units attacking the
titan in CC is a further drawback (or does this rule only apply to actual
        The heat lance - really needs to be within 50cm to be useful and has the
problem of only being one shot. IMO the imperium's volcano cannon kicks the crud
 out of it . Its only advantage is within 25cm , but that means youre getting
to close to being CCd for comfort.
        Tremor Cannon - the only real way for eldar titans to take down
 buildings. The rocket wings need a save mod to be considered useful in
this role (heck 1/3 of hitting (literally) the side of a barn followed by a 1/12
 of actually dropping a standard building that it 1/36 it means you
can shoot at buildings all day with the rockets and expect to see them
standing at the end.....). As such they go on my titans on a regular basis.
Also useful for taking down shielded weird boyz and for shooting titans legs
(time for the the onion unit - goes well with cheese:).)
 they have some point. The down side being
if they hit and dont actually wreck a location on a titan they havent even
touched the shields - so they either work or you get nothing for them . Still
theyre the second most common weapon on my titans.
        D-Cannon - hey i feel sorry for warp hunters because they suck so badly.
They almost never hit and when they do manage to hit titans etc they cant kill
them most of the time anyway. Probably one of the worst titan weapons of all
 time with the possible exception of the imperial power fist.
        Power fist - ok its the best way of getting multiple shooting dice
on an eldar titan. But 4 at 4+ , -1 and 50cm range isnt exactly earth shattering
. As to the CC ability - rarely useful in trashing buildings (maybe if you
stand the titan behind a building and knock it down in CC then shoot in
advance fire - avoiding most enemy FF it could be useful - but if the building
 stays up (about a 40% chance) youve just done nothing with a 600+ Pt unit for
a turn.) a bad idea to use against enemy titans - assuming you ever get into
 titan/titan CC.
        Going through this list theres not a whole lot of good choices of
weapon - and one overpoweringly good one. What would be needed under the present
 system is a weakening of the pulsar (maybe 3+ to hit or a -1 save, 75cm range?)
 or the improvement of other weapons to make them more competitive. Under the
new system maybe you could make the pulsar cost more......
        Glad you have opponents with scruples ... If youve read some of my posts
 about a certain chaos army you should be able to guess what some opponents here
 are like - 6 Thawks is common. As to imperial titan weapons would you call
a Fire control centre, CC head, chain fist , carapace lasers, pick one of
the big plasma weapons , and add a weapon of choice to the final location -
usually a second of the same plasma gun - to be used if the 1st is wrecked
hey the plasma gun is all that ever shoots - cheesy? (note I thought that
missiles could only go on the carapace - so how can you have 3?.....).Basically
because youre only using the one gun (the plasma .....) the rest of the titan
doesnt matter that much . But you still get all youre planned use out of the
titan. With the eldar titan weapons you need to have all 4 working properly to
get full use out of your titan. PIck a useless one and youre wasting up to 25%
of its points. Heck most of my opponents wonder why I ever bother to take
anything BUT pulsars. Often Ill try twin TCs (especially on one in the case
of a BG) or occasionally 1 Pulsar and one HL or TC. I think its a bit cheesy
always using only Pulsars (GW mustnt or they wouldnt have give revenants 2...)
 but then it comes down to my conscience vs a:effectiveness and B:opponents
who look at me funny if I dont.....Relying on conscience is a poor substitute
for balanced rules.........
                                        urrrrk this IS a long post
> Mark
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