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From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 1997 11:10:32 +1100 (EST)

> Wow! I wish I could, but it seems like YOU where the guy that wrote that
> bloody rule book!
> (Kidding)
        I wish I had - It would have been play tested better :).

> world, but Eldar is the only race that can field them all!
        Unless you play a combined Imp army. But yes I agree (and I think I mentioned) Eldar has one if the widest selections of stuff.

> The reason of raising the Nightwing point cost is to make them less
> Cheesy than they were in the old TL.
        Yup they was pretty stupid back then. Not quite as stupid as the
situation where they couldnt shoot at THawks (cos the THawks were 'so fast' -
Geeeee only about 2/3 the speed of the NWings...) because they couldnt go on
First Fire. House rule fixed that one.....

> In a well balanced army you get some troubles in the use of your flyers,
> and that is part of the fun: simply ask your opponent to balance his
> army as well.
        Yup - every unit should have its good and bad side. I hate units
that are so crap noone uses them almost as much as overpowered ones.
Some of my opponents arent too bad. Others wouldnt see cheese if they were
 pushed into the dairy cabinet at the supermarket. :) Its sad that once
again the rules are such that you HAVE to rely on your opponents integrity.
Id like to see a set where my opponent could pick ANY combination of units and
Id feel happy to face them (and I could do likewise and he'd feel comfortable
in return). 'Army 50% Land Raiders 40% THawks and Thunderbolts - 10% infantry
 - sure theyre all priced fairly no problem'(ok just an example not even
designed to go for the 100% cheese award and not something unbeatable).

> By the way I have to accept the fact that all my minnies are outlawed
> and I was just painting the last models of my 8500 Pts army (4000+ of
> plastic stuff) started the last year!
> AARRGH!! >: ()
        My sincere condolences go out to you as one of those who have been
screwed by GW. At least they did that list in the Journal (they should have
made an official squat list though).
> Pippero

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