Re: [Epic] skimmers and avoiding getting shot

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 10:16:24 +1100 (EST)

> John Chapman <john_at_...> came forth and spoke thusly:
> >>That'd be fair enough; the Skimmer player, if good enough, could stop
> >>the Land Raider firing at the Falcon, thus preventing him getting any
> >>hits anyway.
> >
> > How so? According to the new rules the Land Raider owner can merely
> >keep passing until the falcons have popped up and fired.
> If the Eldar player had more detachments that were shooting, he could
> wait until the LR's have gone. Or do you mean that, even though the
> Marine player had no more dets to shoot with apart from the LR's, he
> could keep passing? If so, can you justify this?
        Ummmmmm I cant quote a page (no rule book here at the moment) but it
was (is!) actually stated in one of the E40k rule books that a person firing can
 elect to pass and then choose to fire in his turn (ie I shoot you pass I shoot
you pass I shoot you shoot) at any time later . Of course this could theoretically lead to the stupid situation of both players passing continuously till everyone gets bored and packs up...... This IS different to SM/TL (or how we played
it anyway) but it IS in the book (I had it pointed out to me in one game when
my opponent asked why didnt I pass at one stage.....Well I guess that was at
2am so he might have slipped one by me. Ill look for the reference tonight.)
And yes I did mean the latter of the 2 situations you presented :). This DOES
cut back skimmers a lot.....
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