Re: [Epic] Overwatch and Some Random Comments

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 10:08:42 +1100 (EST)

> Exactly my point. Driving off anything (with the possible
> exception of Thunderhawks) is fairly easy, meaning all the points
> your opponent spent on bombers is effectively wasted (assuming you
> have enough interceptors to get rid of them).
        It depends I guess. Ok the big advantage on thunderhawks I guess is
theyre one of the few bomber types that take an equal or near equal number
of points worth of fighters to drive off effectively (About 2 nightwings/FBz
etc are needed for each TH to prevent the situation of the fighters taking
more losses than the THawks and not restricting the attack much anyway.....).
Even then the fighter owner is spending points which at best only cancel out
the Thawks (and at worst loses more fighters/breaks a unit of fighters doing
it and the Thawks will get a few shots off anyway at their targets.). Basically
its not a winning situation for the defender (damn that 6 armour). With other
bombers though they CAN be negated efficiently by much lower numbers of fighters. But if you spend say a similar # of points on fighters to try and negate his
fighters your bombers will have more of an effect. However,sadly, this may
degenerate into a 'who buys more wins' air war. Also you get the case where
you spend heaps of points on fighters , your opponent doesnt take air units
and suddenly you have heaps of points spent on units that arent really worth
what you paid.......
> No but the problem is - termies & LRs on OW. In order to
> shoot him with my LRs, I have to move my LRs in on non-OW orders
> and hope I win init for the shooting phase. I lost the init the
> first turn and got kinda torn up, and screwed up the second turn
> by not firing my remaining LRs first thing.
        Well theres 3 solutions - sort of - 2 require possibly too good
range judgement. A: (ok they depend on moving second really) if the termies
are out front screening the LRs more your 45cm guns so that the termies and
not the LRs are in range for the first turn. Then go on OW after the first
shot (which should bag you a few termies for no losses from the unit). B:pull
up on your first turn at about 46-49 cm from his LRs. Next turn go on OW and
use that 5cm move to go in range - then its still down to init but youre
both on OW. 3rd move to say within 46-60 cm with your LRs on the first turn.
Have your LRs on assault... In assault phase move within 45 of his unit. Next
turn go on OW before the shooting begins..........Theyre not great solutions
but may help a bit (I hope).
> Well, yeah, but that's what the termies were there for.
> The Baneblade and Warlord titan (RIP Reaper II) sitting in the
> middle of the detachment didn't help either. =)
        Sounds like part of your problem was he just had more points worth of
units in the area. Always a bad sign for the opposition.
> The detachment was hardly unbeatable, it just looks scary.
> Plus I dealt with it in a very stupid and bezerker-like fashion, in
> addition to making a few foolish mistakes.
        Im sure it would have been most satisfying if it had worked..... I LOVE
killing LR's (just im not so great at it :) )
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