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Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 11:52:43 +1100 (EST)

> > Troops in the middle of a building can be shot just fine. It's troops on
> > the other side of the building that can't be shot. (Yet can still be
> > involved in a firefight. Grenades and potshots around corners I
> > suppose.)
> >
> Ok just to clear this up - say you had one of the big buildings from
> titan legions and you had one troop stand - *.
> --------
> | |
> | |
> | * |
> | |
> | |
> --------
> Thats clearly (ie 2cm +) back from all edges we usually play that it
> cant be shot at (ok artillery excepted). DO you play it differently (ie assume
> a stand must be on at least one edge?
> <<<<<<<<<<
> Yes, we play it differently. Under Epic 40K rules, if you are inside
> a building or woods you may shoot out in any direction, and be shot
> at from any direction. In order to break LOS, you must be on the other
> side of the woods/building and not in it.
        Ok we never interpretted it like that. Maybe we should have. I still
think though that a certain thickness of building etc should probably
block LOS. Ie if you stand the other side of a 3 cm thick building and youre
out of LOS while if youre in a building but say theres 5cm of building btw
you and the thing shooting you and youre in LOS - it doesnt just really make sense. The way we played in TL though was probably worse. Inpenetrable cover
meant large groups of CC monsters hiding in woods and not much way to get at them.........I can see the advantages of both ways though....

> I find that this rule change from SM/TL greatly improves game play. Of
> course, do what you like. In the designer notes, AC and JJ point out
> that they generally used terrain pieces of a certain size (20x20cm?)
        20x20cm - thats like BIG - well for a building - not so big for some
woods I guess.

> and that if you were further in than that within a *big* terrain piece,
> then you might want to say you were out of LOS. None of the buildings
> released in any of the game boxs, I believe, are bigger than this.
Yeah the TL buildings were about the biggest. Thinking about it now though maybe
 a visibility of 2cm is a bit low - maybe we should increase it. Though that
means we'll probably eventuall run into cases where you get a thin building you
cant get LOS through (with units on opposite sides) whereas a thicker building
with a stand in it doesnt block LOS. I guess nothing's perfect.
ps thanks for the response
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