Re: [Epic] skimmers and avoiding getting shot

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 10:19:31 +1100 (EST)

> >> >Just picture a group of tanks who have been ordered to
> >> >wait and return fire if any falcons pop-up from behind "that building."
> >> >If the Falcons don't pop up, the tanks don't fire.
> >>
> >> Okay.� As an Eldar player, I actually like that idea:� "If the Falcons
> don't
> >> pop up, the tanks don't fire."
        I dont like it so much. It may well degenerate into a battle of who
has the most (albeit small) units. If the eldar player say has 4 smallish
groups of falcons while the marines have say 2 larger groups or LRs. That rule
sounds like the LRs designate 2 of the falcon dets that they can react against.
THis pretty much leaves the other 2 falcon units free to pop up and leave no
chance for them to get shot at by the raiders.....The same thing used to
happen with the old "1 unit must fire each time rule'. The eldar player got
a lot of mileage out of buying lots of small units (ie Aspects etc) that often
fired at nothing just to take up a turn so that the skimmers could pop up
after the opponent had used up his shots. That really wasnt a very desireable
situation either.....
> Your rules seem ok but what if you declared that the LRs will fire at the
> skimmers, if the skimmers pop-up then the LRs get to fire, but if they
> dont they spend all there time waiting for them to pop-up. This makes it
> risky to pass in the shooting phase but seems somewhat equal.
        The current version (pass when you like - the only penalty being that
youre letting your opponent get extra shots qat you before you can fire) is
workable as long as you dont get into an infinite pass thing where 2 particularly cheesy and bloody minded opponents keep trying to wait the other out....
        I think the best method would be to try a number of suggestions and
see which one best reflects the points increase that seems to be attatched to
the skimmer ability.......
> Alex
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