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Date: Mon, 17 Nov 97 01:15:15 EST

At 04:14 PM 11/17/97 +1100, you wrote:
> Re: rampaging units. Ok we're talking a pretty good ability here
>but how good is it meant to be? Ok basically it means any unit with it
>gets to roll 2 dice to cause hits in close combat - win or lose. The no
>retreat however is a little trickier. Ok if the unit is not actually IN CC
>it doesnt get auto-trapped however what happens in the situation where the
>rampage unit loses but destroys both opponents. It has caused the case
>(in a small battle in which we were trying to determine just how foul the
>Bloodthirster was) where a unit of BTs lost the combat by 1. The combat was
>a little spread out and the BTs rolled well for hits (they got 8 from 12 dice
>while the opposing aspects and managed 2 from 6 - both of which the BTs
>saved :| ) . Needless to say the 6 not so lucky exarchs were wiped out leaving
>no enemy left within 15 cm. Thus despite the fact they lost they werent
>actually killed . THis IS how other people play with rampage isnt it?
>Also if one of the aspects had survived the BT's within 15 would have been
>wasted - the save wouldnt have helped - correct?
> wishing BTs were vehicles

Huh. Never thought about that one. That is certainly a weird situation.
I think you played it right, at least in the "spirit of the rules." It
still seems weird to me that even if _one_ of the Aspect stands survived,
the BTs would die. I mean come on, 6 Greater Daemons vs. 5 piddly
Aspect Warriors? What are the Aspect Warriors gonna do, shoot their
shuriken pistols at the BTs? Like _that_ will do anything. Yeesh.
Of course, by the strict letter of the rule, the BTs should have died,
even if their opposition had been wiped out. Kinda unrealistic, if you
ask me. Then again, who said this was a realistic game? :)

You know, I'm getting sick of these smileys. I recently saw a little
mini article in some magazine that had some Japanese emoticons in it.
Something like this (and any of you who watch anime may recognize the
typically anime face): (^o^)

At least you don't have to turn your head to understand them. (^_^)


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