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From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 18:09:55 +1100 (EST)

> Aspect Warriors? What are the Aspect Warriors gonna do, shoot their
> shuriken pistols at the BTs? Like _that_ will do anything. Yeesh.
        Actually if you think how firefights work its a damn good way of
getting BTs to back off. When Mr Gretchin and his shotgun gets within 15cm
of a horde of BTs in a firefight you just watch those cowardly demons run
away . The anomalies that this game can throw up.......

        However Im just wondering if maybe facing bloodthirsters 1-1 in
close combat with exarchs isnt the way to go. If you can get all the BTs 1-1
in actual combat then leave say 1 aspect to act in support you then only have
the Thirsters with a assault total of less than 2x yours. Throw a few
warlocks in with the aspects and the fight is even (hope your Death Spinners
were shooting at the bloodthirsters......). Assuming you win then the Bloodthirsters can only kill 1 Aspect per BT. If you double up the aspects you , at most
are looking at a +2 on the dice (hmmmmmm actually that MAY be worth it - I
was thinking only +1 but with support you can possibly get a higher assault
value). Of course by ganging up if you lose - or dont win by much - you are
going to lose a lot more troops. Heck if a BT can kill 2 aspects it has almost
done its points worth of death dealing.This appears to be a case where more is
not always better.
        Thinking about this a bit more - well I dont like to really max out
the exarchs (How common ARE they in 40k - 1 in 10 Aspects , 1 in 20 ?.......)
but its one of the few ways for an eldar army to take BTs down (Ok you can
win the firefight I guess but on average that will kill 1/2 a BT - though I
suppose that means they dont counterattack for the turn). Other armies are
probably in even more trouble - many CANT gang up on BTs in a manner that
will lets them have superior assault ....Strangely the biggest problem I have
 here is that I really feel sorry for Keepers of Secrets and GUO's.
Would anyone want to take them in any sort of numbers? Its their low move
rather than their fighting ability which makes them look weak compared to
LoC's and BT's I guess.......

> Of course, by the strict letter of the rule, the BTs should have died,
> even if their opposition had been wiped out. Kinda unrealistic, if you
> ask me. Then again, who said this was a realistic game? :)
        It is if you ask me too - Im glad we both see the irony in trying to
put some realism into GW stuff....
> You know, I'm getting sick of these smileys. I recently saw a little
> mini article in some magazine that had some Japanese emoticons in it.
> Something like this (and any of you who watch anime may recognize the
> typically anime face): (^o^)
> At least you don't have to turn your head to understand them. (^_^)
        Cute , very cute in fact.(resists the temptation to emote)
> Elias
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