Re: [Epic] Dire Avenger/Fire Dragon/Shining Spear Aspect Warriors

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 09:35:13 +0100 (MEZ)

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, John Chapman wrote:
> Yeah lets hear them . I had a go at some myself but basically ended up
> with the problem that no aspect type was using the basic stats.......

At first I apologise for any mistakes in here. My english is not perfect.
Hope you do not mind.

All right, lets start.

Dire Avenger:

Based upon guardians with a better armour (to match Aspects) and assault
(as Dark Reapers) value.

Move Range FP AV Armour

15cm 15cm 2 2 4+

Thea are worth more than Guardians but slightly less than the basic type.
Still 10 Pts seem best as 9 would be to cheap.

Fire Dragon:

A shorter range is sensible, but not possible. Still FP is increased. Also
add the Close Support ability.

15cm 15cm 3 2 4+ Close Support

Cost: At least 15 Pts. That may seem to expensive. Consider: FP 3 and CS
are completely unavailable to Eldar, so some Points have to be added for
This profile seems superior to the DA, so perhaps one profile should be
used for both types in case the FD is to powerful (This means: use DA
Profile for DA and FD Aspect Warrior.) As long as the point cost is
correct I would prefer different Profiles.

Once we splitted up the above tapes lets move to the "basic" type:
Striking Scorpions and Howling Banshees.

The unchanged basic stats are used by Striking Scorpions.
HBs may add a special ability. They get +1 Assault Value if they charge
and -1 in case they are charged.
Although it does not seem necessary you may add one point for this ability
(Total Points: 10 or 11).

All the above types use one slot of either Main Force or support with
the usual upgrades (Exarch, Psyker, Falcon or Wave Serpent...)

Shining Spear:

Tricky one this.

Start with basic (Harlequin) Jet bike (15Pts) Profile.
Allow Psyker (+10) and/or Exarch (assault, +1).

Advantage: Jet bikes with FP 2 and AV 2.
Disadvantage: You get only ONE unit per Main Force Slot.
You may only choose the same number of SS Jet bikes as support as you
have SS Bikes in the Main Force. This is to prevent Players having 10
Guardian and 5 SS Jet bikes in one detachment. Expensive Vypers should be
used as support.

All of the above rules are tested in a few games and no unit seems to be
to powerful. The exact point values may be left to the ones who are
developing formulas.

Converting Shining Spears:

Cut arm of rider. Replace Handel bar with piece of plastic Sprue. Glue arm
on Shoulder in a different position (use modelling Putty on shoulder).
Add spear (made of plastic Sprue) to hand.

Now some *ideas* concerning characters riding Vypers.

You could allow a Warlock (Psyker,+10 Pts, works fine) or an Exarch
(Assault) on a Vyper. The Problem is that the cost would have to be
REDUCED for the Exarch. On the other Hand using cheaper Vypers gets you
the same situation I mentiond concerning Shining Spears as support units.
(To many cheap bikes in one detachment.)
It seems best to increase the AV of a Vyper for an Exarch but to leave the
Range unchanged. (+2 Pts)

Now the discussion is officially opened :-)

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