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>For a long time it has bothered me somewhat that a unit that breaks can
>hold its ground unit it is obliged to move in the following turn.
>Probably everyone has a story of losing ( and winning ) a game because a
>unit that broke still holds an objective! This doesn't to sit well with
>what ademoralized unit can do. I suggest that movement regarding broken
>units be taken immediately upon breaking. This means if your troops
>crack under the strain you dont get any free rides as far as Vp's, also
>broken units may never claim objectives by be within 15 cm of them. Of
>course this movement may happen at any phase not just the movement

I like the idea of broken units not being able to hold the objective. It
makes sense and means that a broken unit can't tip the balance of the game
by holding it when the turn is over.

>Secondly, it bothers me that units away from any command unit can easily
>regroup if the morale roll is made, not that it cannot be done, but it
>should happen under stiff penalties. This also encourages proper use of
>HQ units as ralling points( as well as give them a more useful role ).

I don't think there is much of a problem the way it stands, but from the
tid-bits that Rumour Control has been giving us I think this part of the
topic is best left until we get a look at the new rules.

>Thirdly, certain feats really need guts to accomplish. Charging a tank
>or other troop stands is what your trained for, but tackling titans ,
>super heavies, and greater deamons- I think at least some morale checks
>are in order! maybe even at a penalty.

I like this idea, but I also agree with the point made earlier about the
different types of Superheavies that shouls be defined. A Collosus, sure,
I'd be more frightened of that than, say, a Skullhamma. There needs to be
real distinction here.

>Fouthly, is firing at a unit that charges you a given if you have first
>fire orders? doesn't it require disipline to accomplish such a task?

This makes sense. Sorry to those of you who don't like it, I do. Some
troop's nerve breaks as the enemy charges in and their fire is not effective
or they simply are too scared to shoot. I think there is a need for some
kind of test, especially if the firing unit is out-numbered by the attackers.


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