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Let me clarify:

Theres two points that need to be cleared up:

1-Bring back the voluntary fall back orders? if so please define why
this would be a good addition and what would make this different from
just charging backwards.

2-broken refers to a unit that has suffers casualties in excess of the
breaking point, by the opinions thus far I gather that it is desired
that these units move as before in the movement phase and these units
may still hold on to objectives. For those who agree with this premise,
what is the difference between a broken unit and one on fall back orders
and why do the former get to hold to the objectives and the later.
Opinions/comments please!

Also as the rules stand mostly imperial troops and maybe squats have
HQ's that offers morale bonuses.Other armies mainly orks and eldar dont
have this luxury(not necesarily bad just a comment).

What rumors have reached us of Epic 40k suggests a combat/ morale
resolution similiar to 40k's where the loser makes morale checks and if
fails falls back. In our case probably it is simpler that once the unit
breaks and fails morale to retreat the broken force at the moment of the
break. Opinions please!

I foresee difficulties in resurrecting the fall back orders unless
someone can suggest workable rules that dont mimic or can be reproduced
with a simple charge order.This is virgin territory and I have no
previously used system(like as in the movement phase) therefore we must
pay more thought on the impact of any rule proposed!

United we stand!
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