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From: Dirk Vormann <DVormann_at_...-duisburg.de>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 18:54:47 +0100 (MEZ)

Jervis sais that Infantry would be to cheap if used in conjunction with

1) Let me rewrite the infantry detachment used in the last battle report.

3 command units,1 captain,1 Psyker,2 tactical squads, 6 support squads, 4
ratlings, 2 ogryns and 1 demolisher 297 Points

replace 4 ratlings with 2 more tactical squads (you loose infiltration)
replace 2 ogryns with 2 hellhounds (does not make a real difference in CC)
remove 3 command units including captain and psyker (saves many points)
spend 25 points on a detachment HQ
buy 7 more hellhounds with saved points

You now have 9 hellhounds, one demolisher, 4 tactical and 6 support squads
Technically this is an IG tank detachment. 295 points
You could replace the Demolisher with yet another Hellhound.

This detachment is better at close combat (even without psyker), better at
firefights and as good in long range shooting. It is even cheaper!
Of course you do not have 4 units infiltrating and the Hellhounds speed is
wasted, but still...

However you cannot buy Ogryns, Rough Riders or ratling in a tank
detachment and sentinels or support weapons would reduce the Infantry
taken, not support them, so move to my Ideas about Changing the Infantry

The problem Jervis mentioned is about using Tanks and Infantry together.
It can NOT be about using tacticat and support squads (see above example)
so it is about Rugh Riders, Ogryns and Ratling in conjunction with Tanks
namely Leman Russ, Demolisher, Griffon, Hellhound and Hydra. Nothing else
is available in the Infantry detachment.
Simple answer: Limit those Tanks. They cannot be banned altogether (it is
still the IG).

Suggested changes (Armies book page 33)


1 Detachment HQ +25 points (you must choose this)
1 to 3 command squads 7 points each
  options unchanged

Main force

Choose up to 3 squads from the following list for each command squad
chosen. However, three command squads entitle you to choose 10 squads.
(This is a common house rule anyway..)

The * at the Rough Rider squad does no longer read (*See notes below) but
(*no more than 3 per Rough Rider command squad. With 3 Command squads you
may choose 10.)
This change suits the codex pretty well.


add: Rough Rider Squad ... 10 points
  Consists of..............
(added in the last Q&A)

put an * behind the 5 tanks (Leman Russ, Demolisher, Griffon, Hellhound
and Hydra).

add: (* Choose a maximum of one tank per captain or rough rider command
This is the important change. It puts a strict limit on tanks without
banning them altogether.

The notes about rough riders in the box below the list should be removed.

I did not test this jet but I am quite certain it will work.

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