[Epic] Those troublesome barrages and BMs (still not over)

From: Dirk Vormann <DVormann_at_...-duisburg.de>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 19:16:07 +0100 (MEZ)

Did you read the last battle report closely? Unfortunately I only get the
german translation (do not believe the translators are actually german) so
some of the following things may be blamed on them but I do not think so.

On the firs turn some IG Basilisks shoot at a detachment containing 3
aspects,1 Fire Frism and 2 Night Spinners. Surprisingly only the two Night
Spinners died.
(Some of this aspects and the fire prism are used in later turns!)
Either were the 2 night spinners closest to the IG artillery (cannot
believe that) or those barrages do not have to allocate hits on the
closest target. Do not say: they could only see those 2 spinners.
Artillery can shoot at everything in range regardles of LOS. They can
kill closer models so they have to. right? Or is it just a usual battle
report mistake written by players who ignore key parts of the rules?

All right, barrages are silenced by a single BM.
hypothetical case:

3 barrages fit 3 units each under their template. Total FP 9 against one
2 BMs on the artillery.

Is this the correct order?

1) find out FP value (in this case 9)

2) place blast markers on target (1 in this case)

3) deduct 3 from the FP total for every BM

4) roll dice for FP 3

This inflicts one BM regardless of how they actually hit anything or not.

In case there were 3 BMs on the Artillery they have no chance of killing
anyone. However do they still inflict 1 automatic BM?

Another hypothetical case:

Warlord with 4 Deathrays and 4 BMs

Does he inflict one BM for targeting all DRs at the same target?
(He has no chance of hitting anyone)

Warlord with 4 Mega cannons and 4 BMs.
He has no chance of killing anyone either.

Does he inflict one BM for shooting 4 SHWs at the same target? Do those
Mega cannons inflict additional BMs here?
Is the correct BM total 0,1 or 5?

remember: rulebook page 18
use FP before modification for blast markers to see how many BMs are

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