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From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 10:43:05 +1100 (EST)

> Tu as �crit :
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> >Whenever the waaagh goes out to battle they always seem
> >to get thier buts kicked. Could someone suggest some
> >good detachments so i can kick so Marine butt!
> >
> >Any help appreciated....
        I guess one of your biggest problems would be no ork AT combined with
the high armour values (5-6) of marine infantry/vehicles. Its a pretty harsh
combo and is probably one of the worst for the boyz (against the 5 armour of
eldar tanks they do twice as well (surprise surprise)) but there are some
things you can do...
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> >-Alex
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> I have few experience against Orks but this is what I can say :
> - Kult of Speed : this is a very good detachment : speed and high
> close assault value. Use it to harry your opponent while the rest of
> your army move to assault.
> - Gargants and Battle Fortresses : BF are not so good, I would not
> use them. Gargants are very effective at middle/close range (not long
> range, they don't have any long range weapon) and they are cheap!
        BF arent so good against good armour but thats just orks.... :|
> - Don't forget to use a lot of psykers, they don't cost too much and
> they can help you in CC.
        This is a good point. A better point would be your main disadvantage
against marines is that they have better armour and are better at defeating
your armour. Solution - hit them in a way in which armour is not
a problem. Ie CC and maybe firefights. Hitch some lifts on those battlewagons
(well theyre not going to outshoot the marines so they better be used for
transport :) ). This is more a general tactic rather than an orky one but
concentrate your army. If you can get a local points superiority on some
part of the battlefield you should do well their. My marine opponents often
split up their army a bit while going for objectives. These small forces are
great to pick on.......
> - Be careful, to be effective your detachments must be big, they
> will not be easy to manoeuvre and they will be good shooting targets for
> your opponent, they must reach close combat as early as possible.
        Well Im still undecided about this. With a few thunderhawk strikes on
your big detatchment you can find a large number of survivors unable to move
due to Blast marker problems. Id say orks need biggger dets than most armies
but dont go to far with the idea......
        Ok now for the obvious bit - my favorite ork units.
        Fighta Bomberz. Ok theyre much better as fighters than bombers. Still
theyre pretty good point for point at that. Use them mainly to hinder his
flyers (damn those thawks - you really need to gang up your fbz at least 2-1
on them....:( ). If theres not too many thawks around you may want to use them
occasionally in ground attack. If you can find a unit thats bunched up you
can really hurt it. Next time it wont work so well because the opponent will
have spread out more - but you are forcing him to change the way he does things
which should be an advantage.
        Nobz - a great unit. Good assault and the save ability really rocks.
Just be a bit reasonable with them (an all Nobz no Boyz army just wouldnt be right........).
        The mekboy speedsta with the death ray. Ok the land raiders will pick
them off but a few of these could take some heat off your assault units while
they close in.
        Other people swear by gargants - against all the high marine armour
IM not sure theyre THAT good but they may be worth a try. Keep them with your
other units to concentrate your firepower....

                                                Hope that helped
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