Re: [Epic] Ork Waaaagh!

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 10:16:44 +3500 (EST)

> But Tyrannids, and Chaos can do it better at longer ranges - for more
> cost, of course. Getting it into that 45cm range before it evaporates
> takes considerable skill. Eldar can do the same, just with Wave Serpents
> rather than artillery. Imperials - Land Raiders or Deathstrikes can
> provide an effective antidote. Catch this unit with Flyers and watch it
> melt. Hit it with Heavy Artillery at long range. Zap it with bikes.
> Again, this is only "Cheese" (ie grossly effective for the points) if
> you hadn't thought of the obvious counters.
> LRs are overly effective, but not quite cheesy by this definition, as
> they are susceptible to units like the above, plus CC. Deathstrikes
> (v1.1 with D6 Death Rays not D6 AT shots) OTOH are Cheesy, as there's no
> counter.
        Ummmmmmm death strikes do have unlimited range but going from memory,
dont they lack the trait 'artillery'? This leaves the obvious counter of hide
the first turn and then take them out with concealed artillery/flyers......
        Well thats what you seem to be suggesting with LRs etc anyway. And it
would work but then the DS owner could take flak and screening troops to
counter your counter......
        Back to the cheese argument. Almost any unit I have been able to think
of has at least one effective counter in the game. You can CC land raiders
you can Firefight Greater demons etc etc..... The 'cheese' comes into it
more when a detatchment can be made that is considerably more effective than
any others of a similar type for similar points. Consider other medium tanks -
for a few points more the LR has much better guns AND better assault. Sure CC
troops will beat them - but no worse than any other tank group so basically
theyre heaps better - which is just wrong. Likewise to really hurt a well used
GD det you really need to prepare for it - with units that arent so useful if
a different army style shows up in opposition.
        Similarly to these units yes deathstrikes are too damn effective (even
though in the right circumstances you CAN mince them. These 'right' circumstances though are going to be WAY too rare).
                                Monday morning - time to be grumpy
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