Re: [Epic] Flak Units in 'Bloody hell, we're useless!' Shock!

From: Carl Billen <billenc_at_...>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 17:23:13 +0100

> Colen 'Not Colin' McAlister wrote:
> > Ok, I might be wrong here, but conside the following situation:
> >
> > An Orky detachment with six Flakwagons is sitting on ! orders. Two
> > Thunderhawks bomb it, zooming into range of all the wagons (how
> > careless!). One gets shot down by the maelstrom of fire, the other gets
> > damaged. 'Thhhhhhrpppp' says the Ork player... until three Marauders
> > drop from the skies, kicking the s**t out of his detachment. The
> > Flakwagons have already fired, so they cannot do so again, is this
> No, they can't shoot again. Remember that you already know the Marauders
> are comming, since flyer missions are declared at the start of each turn.

> What could be done is to have the Flakwagons in two smaller det. Thereby
> you
> can choose no to shoot with some of your Wagons untill the Marauders
> arrive.
> The problem here, I think, is that you can see the results of the attack
> one unit
> of fliers, before you commit the next unit. Is'nt this kinda unfair
> other units?

Can't you just say (with 6 Flakwagons in the single detachment) : "These 3
will shoot at the Thunderhawks and the other 3 will shoot at the Marauders"
? I believe the Flak damage is resolved before the bomber damage (but I
could be mistaken...)

Carl Billen

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