Re: [Epic] New to list . . . want some opinions.

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 09:37:47 +0100 (MEZ)

> 1) Close Combat and firefights -We've seen way too many instances of
> where a detat of 20 assault stands has attacked a detat of 8 -10
> tactical stands, and the tactical stands have won.
Nobody ever said "War is fair" :-]
Sometimes a good ambush works against superior forces.

> 2) We've seen 5 stands of orks boyz run up to a 30 strong detat of
> marines for a firefight at extreme range with a couple of troops,
> putting the whole detat to flight, and thus preventing stands, who were
> nowhere near the firefight but were stuck in the same detat, from making
> ork patte.
Large dets have some disadvantages. Use smaller ones.

> 3)We've seen many games come down to who pulled the initiative chit for
> the assault phase; the guy who won initiative crushed the guy who
> didn't, even when the forces seemed equal.
It needs a skilled commander to prevent this.

> 4) Antitank weapons - seem absurdly powerfull. I have yet to see anyone
> stand up to my landraider Detats; they usually kill 2-3 times their
> point value. Frankly, I don't enjoy doing it.
Do they ever get charged by Swooping Hawks?

> 5) Imposible to defend against flyers; We've found that keeping one
> artillery detat on your edge of the board allows you to bring on flyers
> over top of them so that any interceptors take absurd amounts of snap
> shots.
Intercepting takes place before either flyer enters the table. No snap
fire allowed.

> 6) On the matter of snap shots, we've seen two stands of troops prevent
> the movement of a twelve land raider detat (pinned up against cliffs);
> he tried to move 5 of them, losing 4, then gave up. Doesn't this seem a
> little un-fun and ridiculous? Shouldn't their be a limit on the number
> of snap shots a detat can pull?
Those two troop stands stood up to the Land Raiders. See 4)
If you move anything within 10 cm of your opponent in the movement phase
you did not do a very sensible thing. That's what the assault phase is
there for. In my games snap fire hardly occurs.

> 7) We've also seen titans unable to move because of three leftover
> stands from a previous close combat/ firefight sequence.
Units moving away are not snap fired at.
If a War Engines is snap fired at, is it not able to advance further? (Am
not sure now. Got to check the rules.)

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