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From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 14:36:13 +1100 (EST)

> The combat system looks very interesting. Makes you have smaller
> detachments or suffer from the 5 stands defeating 20 by only engaging 1 or
> 2. Also seems to make you think more about army choice. And, hopefully,
> it will make people have to think about their tactics more than they did in
> the second edition rules.
        A similar thing could happen in 2nd ed though. If a group of say 4
striking scorpions charged into combat with say a 15 strong ork clan we have
the following possibilities. If the Eldar had won initiative and moved second
the first combat would be 4 scorps vs 4 boyz (ie 4 dead orks). Assuiming the
boyz couldnt get a shot at the SSs in the following turn (cover or something)
 the scorps could outrun the boyz , get away and return at a following date.
Even if they couldnt run 3-1 odds really werent enough for boyz to take down
SSs. (ideally the orks would say gang up on 2-3 of them). Still its a case of
a large group having trouble with a small group depending largely on initiative.

> I dislike the ploy for getting more money (the changing of base size)
> Anyone got any ideas for removing them from the 20 by 20 bases?
        I just play with the old bases. It means you need more care when facing artillery but doesnt cause a balance problem ( I also play with 2 bikes per
base - theyve got enough of my $ as is...).

> I have a tyranids army, an ork army, and a chaos army. I was just a little
> miffed that the special characters are gone :( and that there are no rules
> for creating them.
        IMO thats a good thing. I always hated Gazghull(sp?)
 , Magnus and Mortarion and of course Ragnar. Heck for ragnar - hes your
SW supreme commander , you can have slightly customized Demon princes too. Ok
theyre not going to be the butt kickers they were - but thats the whole point..

> Some of the rules are a little ambiguous.
        Yup - thats just GW for you. Its in most of their games.
> For example, when you purchase terminators and mount them in a land raider,
> does the land raider benefit from the save? If not, what happens to them
> if the land raider blows up?
        Not the best example. No the LR doesnt get the save. When in blows up
I guess the Termis get the normal 4+ survival roll for exploding transports.
I think if they failed that theyd get a save but that part im REALLY not sure
        Things such as off board interceptions and when Blast marker effects
take place have been more problematic (though in some cases fixed in Q&As).
> Also, the bio titans. They are now unbelievable!! They can cross
> impassable/difficult terrain with no effect. Wow. Look ma, I'm walking on
> water :)
        On - in is more likely..... Arent rivers merely dangereous or
difficult for most titans anyway?. Anyhow the BUg titans arent exactly the
nastiest in the game to start with........
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