Re: [Epic] New to list . . . want some opinions.

From: Thane Morgan <thane_at_...>
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 00:47:03 -0700

> As a final point with reguard to initiative/CC/FFs and a suggestion
> (made by you????-well someone) that all movement should take place before
> CC and FFs are worked out - well it could work but you may want to rethink
> the points of a lot of units if you do. The only best defense we've found
> against Greater Demon Dets so far is go first , Firefight them and break them
> so they cant CC you that turn. Without the possibility of this dont you think
> their incredible CC abilities coupled with low vulnerability to being shot
> may make them woth more than the 25-30 points they cost?......
> JACNot really. Comparing them to terminators, they move faster and have +1
assault, but have no range, rapid fire, stubborn and are at -1 armor.

Actually, this has raised a question amongst our group abou the chaos
list. Why are chaos space marines of a higher point cost than Imp. Space
Marines, even though they don't have stubborn? Also noise marines 21 per
stand, devestators 20 per stand? They did reduce the points for lack of
stubborn in chaos terminators.

Finally, why the low assault values for slaneesh titans? Why are the
silver towers so weak in firepower? Why don't greater demons have
multiple wounds, to better reflect 40K abilities? I know that the points
are more or less equal to their abilities, but I thought they were
trying to make Epic units more on the order of 40K units. . .

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