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Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 16:53:46 +0100 (MEZ)

> Excerpts from Epic: 9-Dec-97 Re: [Epic] Epic Battlescene by Dirk
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> > > Little question : A Reaver titan with a banner pole can be seen on the
> > > scene; therefore it only has two weapons. What is its (reduced) points
> > > cost
> > Hhhmmmm.
> > Should not happen any more.
> This is true enough, though Reavers with banner poles as the only thing
> in the carapace mount make for good character pieces. ^_^ Basically, in
> Adeptus Titanicus you were (slightly) encouraged the not take a full
> loadout to represent how both sides were having trouble with resupply &
> repair for the weapons.
> >Just like Titans with 2 CC weapons.
> I'm really not sure why Jervis made that comment... there's nothing at
> all in the rules to suggest that you can only take one weapon, and IIRC
> his blurb is considered unofficial. You just don't get any benefit from
> the second weapon in close combat... unless you lose the first. (To,
> say, ripper tentacles, even even the more mundane
> it-blew-off-and-killed-those-guys-over-there.)
> >The Titan
> > formula we have so far estimates one Weapon system at about 15 to 16
> > points.
> o_O That's it? When Deathstrikes and Seige artillery (roughly
> equivalent to Vortex missile & Multiple Rocket Launcher... but Seige
> arty are *worse*) cost just over 50 points each?
> I think you need to revamp the points a bit, there... and odds are the
> different weapons systems should really be valued at different points
> costs, especially between races. It's just that GW combined 'em all
> into one... bleah.
It was not me who came up with th Titan formula!
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