Re: [Epic] Exodite Dragon Knights

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 09:42:10 +0100 (MEZ)

> >Last weekend I tried the following (without proper minis) in a game:
> >
> >Eldar Exodites.
> >Basically Guardians with cavallery and assault. (13 Points each)
> >HQ: Guardian /cavallery/hero/assault (yes, Assault value 3) 45 points
> >
> >Choose one HQ and up to 10 normal units in one detachment. No support, no
> >psyker.
> >
> >In the first game my detachment could beat rough riders in both FF and CC.
> >Against Boar boyz, whom they faced in a second game, they could
> >(unsurprisingly) not hold their ground in CC.
> Did you take into account the fact that the Exodites are riding dinosaurs
> and not over-sized pigs or horses??
> A dino would destoy a pig easy!!
> I think you should knock the Assault value up a bit to reflect this :)
Check the Codex Eldar. Those dragons are about 1 day old ;-)
Their stats are not so good. Also, those units should not be to powerfull.
They are fast and shooty (like Jetbikes) and can assault the enemy. I
considered allowing every stand the hero ability (20 points each) which
perfectly fits the codex (Exodites can include a lot of mighty heroes) but
decided against it as Ork Boarboyz could theoretically consist of 100%
Heros (no basic troop or champion) in W40k and are not allowed Hero in
IMHO the other option (assault and space wolves abilities) does not really

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