Re: [Epic] NET Epic: Company cards for Chaos

From: Philip Charlton <philipc_at_...>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 11:33:43 +1100 (EST)

> >Rhinos should only carry Chaos SM's.
> Well, that's actually how the rules are as they stand dude...

I disagree with you here, but it's probably a matter of opinion. The
restriction of who can ride in what vehicle is that allies cannot ride in
each others vehicles, and that only CSM's can ride in vehicles taken from
the loyal Space Marine support cards (THawks, for example).
Rhino's are in the normal Chaos army,
so any normal-sized Chaos stand should be able to use them. I even have a
tactics article from WD which talks about transporting minotaurs and trolls
in rhinos - so apparently it *is* legal. I'd still prefer to allow them
for CSM's only. But I have to wonder - just *how* do I get those minotaurs
across to the other side of the table?? The only other transport I can use
is Khorne engine, which is nice and expensive and I need at least 3 to
transport a whole warband.

> >
> >I would like to see Thunderhawks disallowed completely, or made into special
> >cards (I know there will be howls of protest from Chaos players here, but
> >remember, this is all strictly IMveryHO. It's mainly because I want Chaos
> >to be *different* from the Space Marine army. I think TH's should be SM only.)
> An army consisting of GD's and Titans WOULD be different wouldn't it?

But hardly realistic - Titan armies are the speciality of the Titan Legions.
The traitor Titan Legions have been scattered throughout the cosmos and will
probably never again band together in large numbers.

> >
> >Hmm, that's all for now, any comments?
> >
> >Philip
> Well, in short, and not meaning to be too offensive, but...
> I don't think so Phil...

I'm not offended. My purpose is partly to bring Epic Chaos more in line
with 40k Chaos, since I play both. Also, it's very annoying and messy that
there are two ways of representing large, tough, scary creatures - Tyranids
and GD's. For the sake of simplicity, I'd like GD's to use a similar
system to Tyranids eg. fixed saves, multiples wounds or whatever.

> Chaos works pretty well with the GD's leading the armies rather than the
> Chaos Champions...

I agree - I'd like the option to do either. Looks like one of these days
I will have to write my own Chaos army list and optional rules. A slight
gripe of mine is that the *only* command units available to chaos are GD's,
and they are so SLOW!. +10 CAF doesn't mean much if you never get into CC.
I really don't see why Champs can't be command units - they're not even as
good as Ork Nobz.

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