Re: [Epic] Orky questions

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 19:19:58 +0100 (MEZ)

> Here are some questions about Orks :
> 1) Does a Warboss, mounted on a Battlewagon, count as a) a Battlewagon with
> an Warlord hitching a ride (which means he has to mount/dismount all the
> time) or b) a Battlewagon with the 'Transport(1) only for the Warboss'
> ability (so that he can stay in his Battlewagon) ?
In a normal Ork mob you get a battlewagon in addition to the warlord. The
Battlewagon is a normal one like every other and every infantry can get a
lift on it.

> 2) Just checking : A Warboss, upgraded to a Stompa, has an Assault of 8, a
> FP of 4, Armour of 5+ and a Save? Who needs (Greater) Daemons ?

> 3) When a unit is upgraded to a new unit (like the Weirdboy Battlewagon),
> the original unit is _not the passenger, right? If the Battlewagon is
> destroyed, so is the the psyker (?)
Yes. You get a battlewagon with psyker ability. Battlewagon destroyed,
psyker gone. However, it is still a battlewagon and can give someone a

> 5) Are the Slasher Gargant and the Mekboy Gargant considered 'Gargants' in
> the E40K rules ? The Mekboy Gargant is rather small, and the one that I
> have as two Close Combat weapons (1 saw as his arm + an extra saw on its
> shoulder). Furthermore (I guessed this has been discussed before), what's
> the effect of 2 CC weapons on a Gargant (Ass x2 ? Ass x3? Ass x4?) ?
A Mekboy Gargant has three weapons. A heavy Weapon Battery (left arm), a
CC weapon (right arm) and a lifta droppa (over the head/shoulder). Use it
as a Normal Gargant. If it has 2 CC weapons (no lifta droppa) it is still
a legal gargant, but the 2nd CC weapon is effectively wasted unless the
first one is destroyed.

or check
for Mek Gargnat rules.

> 6) Fluff : Are the Evil Sunz supposed to have infantry ?
The Kult of speed can include some as support, so use them as evil sunz.

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