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Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 13:17:51 +1000 (EST)

>> To try and keep everyone happy I have a suggestion. Units on Forced Fall
>> Back orders cannot hold an objective unless they are the ONLY unit within
>> range that can hold it. They cannot be counted as a viable unit for
>> CONTESTING an objective if there are enemy units in a position to contest
>> the objective ("Sir, we have suppressed the enemy at the objective. Enemy
>> neutralised as they are no longer a threat. Objective may now be taken at
>> will."). Simple, effective and a compromise I feel. Comments anyone?
>It works for me. However, once the unit on fall-back moves out of
>range, the objective should be lost, unlike the usual procedure, in
>which no one must remain to hold the objective.

Excellent idea. I didn't think of that. BTW I still like the restriction
of Forced Fall Back troops not being able to fall back toward an Objective
as while they want to take cover, I doubt they will take cover in the one
place they know the enemy will go.


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