Re: [Epic] Epic: Titan Slayers

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 12:05:48 +1100 (EST)

> #3 Fire off Death Days...D-Cannons.. (D-Cannon is the easy cheapo way.. +3
> hits, AUTO CRIT THROUGH SHIELDS...eldar (cheese?) only though.
        Yeah against titans with shields theyre well worth it. If youre
facing a aSHV with no shields (ie Shadowsword, Tyranid Titan) Death Rays just
have a better to hit. The same applies for smaller units (ok both these
weapons are waster on Non War engines) - at least a DR hits a Land Raider
on a 2+ - the DC needs a 4.......Also the 60 cm on most death rays allows you
to sit back a little - 45cm on the DC means most big stuff is in range to
shoot back at you. Also a minor problem with DCs is they DONT hurt shields.
A few guns and some Death rays compliment each other. Once the shields are
down it gets easier for everything to do damage. The DC goes through the
shield while an Eldar Titans weapons batteries just waste their time on the
void shields while having little hope of knocking them all down to let other
stuff get through. Basically DCs arent good weapons for ganging up in shooty
power with.
        DCs are a really eldar sort of weapon - great against their primary
target (WE's with shields) but crap elsewhere. THATs why I dont consider them
cheesy (heck I dont take them that often - theyre an all or nothing sort of
thing - take a lot of them or just go the pulsars).
> Keep in mind a single crit can blow up the entire titan...or ..screw it..
        Screwing it is a real possibility - on anything bigger than a scout
titan 1 Critical PROBABLY isnt going to be too troublesome (hey you can get
lucky but.........) but insta-death is about 1/36.
> death rays are just lethal once those shields go down.
> #7 Good luck..its big bad and mean..

        Too true - but does it ever feel good when they die(till you notice how
much it cost you.....)
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