Re: [Epic] Imperial Guard Detachments

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 20:48:04 +0100 (MEZ)

> > Detatchment 3; 3rd Macragge, 1st Artillery company
> > Commander in Bombard
> > 2 Basilisk batteries of 3 each
> > 1 Battery of 3 Bombards
> > 1 Deathstrike
> > Auxilia- 2 IG support squads, each in a Chimera, and 2 Hydrae
> Whoa! this detachment has got to be well over 600 pts! It's definitely
> very deadly at long range but i'd be afraid of investing so many points in
> a single detachment. Also, you probably don't need the chimeras for the
> infantry. If you decide to move this detachment, they won't have any
> problem keeping up on foot. (they have the same speed as the bombards)
At my last game at the local GW store we (two Eldar players on our side)
faced a very simmilar det (1 Command basilisk, 7 basilisks,two bombards,
one deathstrike, 3 hydrae). On the first turn our Bombers (4 phoenixes and
one vampire) killed five and silenced another three of the Artillery with
BMs. Night Spinners shut down the rest. Screening infantry is of no use if
it is located at the wrong edge of the det. The trick was guessing the
range (keep out of 30cm hydra range, but shoot at the same distance). The
Opponent had set up the det poorly (flak in the second rank).
Do not use Chimeras. Buy more Infantry for the points (two more stands
instead of one chimera). The screen will absorb more hits.

> > Detatchment 4; 3rd Macragge, Super Heavy Tank company
> > A Baneblade and a Shadowsword
> I just love the IG super heavies. I would go with 2 baneblades and 1
> shadowsword if you have the points. At 45cm range the 16 firepower of the
> baneblades give two automatic blast markers. The shadowsword is almost a
> neccesity when taking on other warengines. Unless they happen to be eldar
> titans. Some days nothing short of a tac nuke will scratch em and on
> others a pointy stick will do. (Auto criticals on every hit *ouch*)
Consider using 3 Baneblades and one Shadowsword or two each. The original
Damage Capacity of 16 gives you +1 on morale rolls even if only one tank
is left. (WE dets get the +1 for STARTING damage capacity!) Only IG and
Ork SHVs receive it (and large Titans/Gargants).

For whom?

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