Re: [Epic] Whirlwinds and Griffons

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 09:11:40 +0100 (MEZ)

> > I don't use either of these, but I think their best use would be to back
> > up an assault company as a separate detachment. Use them to put a bunch
> > of relatively cheap blast markers on a detachment prior to an assault,
> > with out exposing anyone to direct fire. Maybe 4-6 of these vehicles,
> > half as many predators/ Leman Russ's to soak up blastmarker effects and
> > ~ 1 infantry stand per vehicle to soak up hits and prevent your opponent
> > from getting +4 to assault rolls.
> They are also particularly useful when attacking troops, such as Chaos flamers and
> and Eldar aspect warriors that have a 45cm charge reach that is out of the 30cm
> range of most Marine and IG weapons range. If you are lucky the BMs inflicted in the
> shooting phase will prevent your oppents unit moving, this will allow you to move into
> firefight range. You should in most cases easily beat these types of units in
> firefights.
Remember that Whirlwinds are still Artillery. They can shoot at things the
rest of the det cannot attack.
example: a det with 5 devastator squads (ten stands) and a single
whirlwind can see a singel stand of the target det while the rest of the
target is behind a building. The devastators alone could only kill the
single visible stand, but with the single Artillery piece in their det all
the FP is directed against those stand out of sight as well.
The Whirlwind is the only thing that can theoretically attack them put
perhaps all die due to the devastators FP.

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